Technology is Here to Stay

There’s no doubt that the Covid 19 lockdown has made us all acutely aware of how reliant on technology we are. You may have noticed the vast online queues to even browse websites like B and Q, or how your broadband has slowed down significantly due to practically everyone being at home, glued to social media, Netflix and news channels.

Modern Homes Demand Space Solutions

You may have immersed yourself in books you’ve intended to read for months and years, or decided that your home which you previously saw from 6pm to 7am the next day, needs some TLC. Kids at home make space look limited perhaps. Your kitchen table may be doubling as home office, school desks and as a place to eat your meals.

We can’t create space by extending your home or your office, but what we can do is make better use of the existing space.

This WFH Trend is Set to Continue

Many people we speak to remotely on furlough or simply being unable to work fall into two camps – the ones who miss the social communication of working away from home and others who see it as utterly liberating.

During lockdown, we’ve had orders from customers wanting new kitchens, new wardrobes, new tables, chests of drawers and bespoke home offices.

We don’t think that life may ever return to the same way as it was before.

Businesses and workers have perhaps realised that working from home does not impede productivity, but enhances it.

When lockdown is lifted, we may see a further rise in demand for home improvements and, we’re certain, a surge in demand for shop-fitting for those businesses that have been dormant and will be ready to capitalise on the pent up spending that will surely be released when Covid 19 is no longer a global threat.

What are your thoughts?